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No middlewear here! Bicycles as software development metaphores

Thomas gives us the run down of his very nice bicycle components and advice on what not-to-do on them.

He says…

For those of you expecting something extolling the praises of SAP here, you will be disappointed. When it comes to bicycles, I’m very much a best of breed guy. Each little bit is from a specialist vendor, but somehow it all fits together perfectly. Without any middleware. (unless you try mix shimano and campag)

Well putting shimano and campag aside for one moment and just thinking about where the middleware might fit in the analogy, I would say that the bearings and grease are the middleware. Middleware is by definition (at least in my book) meant to make the parts “fit together perfectly”. The middleware between lets say SAP CRM and SAP R/3 (FICO) is meant to get any financial transactions information from CRM into R/3 without having to worry about it too much.

I generally don’t expect to have to worry about bearings on most things that move me from A->B.  I’d like to think that I could rely on middeware in just the same way.

SAPFacts winner

Have you been following the SAPfacts site? A winner has been declared.  I noticed that Eddy came second with “SAP Stands for Shai Agassi Products“. I submitted “SAP stands for the Shai Agassi Protocol” but was rejected because Eddy got there first. Oh well.

Well done everyone. It was a great bit of fun!

Pandora taking too long

Pandora taking too long

Pandora taking too long,
originally uploaded by Nigel James.

Pandora is a pretty cool internet music service. Occasionaly tehy seem to be at a loss to what to play you. If that happens they give you this lovely message.

Good software design I say.

Keep the users informed about whats going on.

When was the last time a long running SAP financials report said: ‘Your year end is taking a tad longer than expected. Hold on to your hat and we will have the bottom line with you soon‘.

Kid-Safe … keeping the future generations protected

I left a comment on a post Craig wrote the other day and he then posted again based on my comment. I found out about Kids-Safe because they got my details from my free Yell add.

These guys go into schools and promote safety online to kids.

Well worth supporting. Online can be a scary place.

The Cathedral and the Bazaar by Eric S. Raymond

The Cathedral and the Bazaar by Eric S. Raymond

This is required reading for software developers. Open source or otherwise.

Stake my technorati claim

This is a lovely link to my Technorati Profile.


Scrum – enterprise ready?

Thomas Otter (a friend of my ex bosses at EPI-USE) was blogging about Scrum the other day and mentioning how they have started to use it inside that ‘big German software company’. He is right I think it works best with small focused deliverables.

I had a conversation with Richard at PHPLondon recently about how he manages his small crack development team at The Mind Gym using Scrumtechniques. It is working really well for him and something I would like to see more on ABAP teams / SAP projects.

I can take heart that from Thomas that it is working inside SAP. It is starting to appear on SDN more. The inclusion of ABAPUnit will help that effort as SAP developers, myself included,  embrace test driven development techniques.

Controlling Printing from CSS and HTML

SDN’s own self proclaimed ‘Grumpy Old Man’ Blogs on printing from HTML pages. Pretty simple CSS stuff, but useful to have as a reference.

SDN Day and SAP TechEd 2006

I won’t be getting to the TechEd Conference this year. Vagas started yesterday and Amsterdam starts on Oct 17

I’d like to plan to be there next year … maybe they will hold the Europe leg in London.

I'd rather be at SAP TechEd '06!

Hello Blog World

So this is a blog! Exciting isn’t it! It seems like everyone who is everyone has a blog these days! So I am getting on the band wagon and joining the party.

By way of introduction, and there is more on the ‘about’ page, I am a SAP freelance developer who dabbles in a few other technology. I think ABAP is the kind of language that can sometimes make you want to pull your hair out so I also program in PHP, Java and a few other things that I take on to make my day work. JavaScript would fall in to this category.

I love programming and solving problems in general. I love that technology can make your business work better. Sometimes though technology gets in the way of a simple solution. Software and technology should work without being intrusive. There is a saying that banks give you an umbrella when the sun is shining and take it away when it is raining. Technology can be a little guilty of this aswell. Our industry is pretty young when compared with other engineering disciplines.

 Other things I do in lurk around on SDN – the SAP developer network  – which in seems to being rebranded to SAPNet to be more generic now that they are letting Business Process Experts in the door. SDN is a great place to get information for SAP development activities. I also an a member of the PHPLondon user group. Great buncha guys.

So… Hello World. You are looking great today.

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