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SDN Day and SAP TechEd 2006

I won’t be getting to the TechEd Conference this year. Vagas started yesterday and Amsterdam starts on Oct 17

I’d like to plan to be there next year … maybe they will hold the Europe leg in London.

I'd rather be at SAP TechEd '06!


Hello Blog World

So this is a blog! Exciting isn’t it! It seems like everyone who is everyone has a blog these days! So I am getting on the band wagon and joining the party.

By way of introduction, and there is more on the ‘about’ page, I am a SAP freelance developer who dabbles in a few other technology. I think ABAP is the kind of language that can sometimes make you want to pull your hair out so I also program in PHP, Java and a few other things that I take on to make my day work. JavaScript would fall in to this category.

I love programming and solving problems in general. I love that technology can make your business work better. Sometimes though technology gets in the way of a simple solution. Software and technology should work without being intrusive. There is a saying that banks give you an umbrella when the sun is shining and take it away when it is raining. Technology can be a little guilty of this aswell. Our industry is pretty young when compared with other engineering disciplines.

 Other things I do in lurk around on SDN – the SAP developer network  – which in seems to being rebranded to SAPNet to be more generic now that they are letting Business Process Experts in the door. SDN is a great place to get information for SAP development activities. I also an a member of the PHPLondon user group. Great buncha guys.

So… Hello World. You are looking great today.