Scrum – enterprise ready?

Thomas Otter (a friend of my ex bosses at EPI-USE) was blogging about Scrum the other day and mentioning how they have started to use it inside that ‘big German software company’. He is right I think it works best with small focused deliverables.

I had a conversation with Richard at PHPLondon recently about how he manages his small crack development team at The Mind Gym using Scrumtechniques. It is working really well for him and something I would like to see more on ABAP teams / SAP projects.

I can take heart that from Thomas that it is working inside SAP. It is starting to appear on SDN more. The inclusion of ABAPUnit will help that effort as SAP developers, myself included,  embrace test driven development techniques.


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  1. 1 theotherthomasotter Saturday, 23 September 2006 at 5:14

    nice to see you blogging
    keep it up
    would be great to see examples of what you are doing with php etc at customers

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