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No middlewear here! Bicycles as software development metaphores

Thomas gives us the run down of his very nice bicycle components and advice on what not-to-do on them.

He says…

For those of you expecting something extolling the praises of SAP here, you will be disappointed. When it comes to bicycles, I’m very much a best of breed guy. Each little bit is from a specialist vendor, but somehow it all fits together perfectly. Without any middleware. (unless you try mix shimano and campag)

Well putting shimano and campag aside for one moment and just thinking about where the middleware might fit in the analogy, I would say that the bearings and grease are the middleware. Middleware is by definition (at least in my book) meant to make the parts “fit together perfectly”. The middleware between lets say SAP CRM and SAP R/3 (FICO) is meant to get any financial transactions information from CRM into R/3 without having to worry about it too much.

I generally don’t expect to have to worry about bearings on most things that move me from A->B.  I’d like to think that I could rely on middeware in just the same way.


SAPFacts winner

Have you been following the SAPfacts site? A winner has been declared.  I noticed that Eddy came second with “SAP Stands for Shai Agassi Products“. I submitted “SAP stands for the Shai Agassi Protocol” but was rejected because Eddy got there first. Oh well.

Well done everyone. It was a great bit of fun!