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Oh NO! The scripts are escaping!

The Scripts are escaping

I had this funny error message in SAP the other day. I can’t remember the context, but standing alone, out of context, it is pretty funny. Also note that while it looks like an error message it is being signalled as a success message, which makes it even more humourous.

Arrggh, the scripts are escaping! They are taking over the world!

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Thomas joins SDN

Thomas Otter author of the great blog, Vendorprisey has joined SDN.

And, what is more, he has opened with a great post on Global HR.

Having worked with an HR company for several years and some of those involving Global corporations, I will be very interested in following this conversation.

Welcome Thomas!

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Innovation in IT

Innovation in IT

Dan McWeeney has some great ideas. He also has a sence of humour. Both of these are very good attributes in a developer.

In this post on innovation he has some good pointers about Agile or should that be agile, Steve? However you spell it. This post from Dan has some simple points about agile in stark contrast to the rant from Steve I posted yesterday.

Joel also had some interesting thoughts about agile recently too.

Obviously there are ways and means of doing this stuff. I am interested in Dan’s comments because he works with this wonderful German software product too and I am trying to surf and or catch the wave of scripting enthusiasm and find ways of working that work better and smarter.

Can agile work in a process where a lot of the work is configured rather than programmed? I am still on this agile / scrum learning curve and I am trying to decode the whole schmozzle.

So for this reason I am glad to hear that it is working for somebody.

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Stevey’s Blog Rants: Good Agile, Bad Agile

Stevey’s Blog Rants: Good Agile, Bad Agile

Craig, Marcus and Thomas should read this. Oh and if you are reading this, then you should too.

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Linking to SAP Notes

Linking to SAP Notes

There is a nice new format for linking to the SAP Service Market place to retrieve SAP Notes.

It is described in the SDN Blog linked above but this is so useful the information is worth repeating.

The url format is as follows:

so just replace note_number with a note number and you are away.

Just for example:

You will need a Service Market Place (SMP) Login to access this.

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Ashes Start Well

Well, this is a technical blog but let me deviate for one moment to say that the ‘win-back-theAshes‘ campaign has started well. May it continue.

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Component Controller

In the BSP workbench (transaction BSP_WD_WORKBENCH ) you may well have the option Component Controller when there are no Component Controllers in your application. If you do and you click it, SAP will short dump on you.

Short text
Exception condition "COMPONENT_NOT_EXISTING" raised.

The CRM_IC application does not have this option.

A new BSP application viewed in the BSP_WD_WORKBENCH also has the options Application and Windows. These are obviously from the Web Dynpro world.

BSP Workbench Views

These options are not always available in the workbench so it must be doing something clever to work out if these options are meant to be available or not.

So here is a word to the wise… if these options, Application, Component Controller and Windows don’t make sense for your current piece of work then don’t click on them.

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