Archive for November 13th, 2006


A few nights ago I went to bed with one thought: Passion! I woke up the next morning with the same thought! I love writing software. It helped that I had just had a major breakthrough at work and with ChurchWorks.

Driving to work the next morning just enjoying the fact that I went to bed tired, woke up tired and was loving what I do. Too many people don’t do what fires them up. Me? I’m sorted. I love writing software and I am sure I will be ‘solving problems’ until this body turns into dust.

That doesn’t mean that you don’t have problems. Solving problems make you stronger. Embracing change is what I do for breakfast. Everything in software changes as fast as a newspaper in Minority Report or Back to the Future.

A few years ago I was a manager of a video store with no exciting prospects of it getting any getter – especially when the store burned down thanks to the deli next door leaving oil on the stove. I bit the bullet – retrained. Proved to PwC that I was a good hire. Got trained and certified by them in ABAP. ( Thanks for that guys. ) Now I am a director in my own business ( gotta do something about that website) working as a technical consultant for some of the biggest businesses in the world, am working on another great project being delivered as SaaS and having a ball.

Hope you love life too. If not – change. It sure beats watching telly every night.