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SAP CRM Nightmare

SAP CRM Nightmare

When searching for some documentation on the SAP CRM ICWC. I found this little gem of a blog with a few posts by some frustrated consultants.

Glad that someone is sharing the fun of the Interaction Centre Web Client.

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IT Canon

Group: ITCanon | LibraryThing

I seem to be commenting a lot on what Thomas has to blog recently, but this one struck me as a good idea.

What books should be on the definitive reading list for a life in technology? I started a group in the website and this will enable you to add your ideas to what makes should be on that list. It is the 1001 IT books should should read before you die. I hope there is not a 1001 definitive IT books though.

So join the fun, add your books and tag them ‘ITCanon’, then we can see what the definitive IT books are.

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