Component Controller

In the BSP workbench (transaction BSP_WD_WORKBENCH ) you may well have the option Component Controller when there are no Component Controllers in your application. If you do and you click it, SAP will short dump on you.

Short text
Exception condition "COMPONENT_NOT_EXISTING" raised.

The CRM_IC application does not have this option.

A new BSP application viewed in the BSP_WD_WORKBENCH also has the options Application and Windows. These are obviously from the Web Dynpro world.

BSP Workbench Views

These options are not always available in the workbench so it must be doing something clever to work out if these options are meant to be available or not.

So here is a word to the wise… if these options, Application, Component Controller and Windows don’t make sense for your current piece of work then don’t click on them.

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