Thomas joins SDN

Thomas Otter author of the great blog, Vendorprisey has joined SDN.

And, what is more, he has opened with a great post on Global HR.

Having worked with an HR company for several years and some of those involving Global corporations, I will be very interested in following this conversation.

Welcome Thomas!

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1 Response to “Thomas joins SDN”

  1. 1 theotherthomasotter Thursday, 30 November 2006 at 20:07

    Thanks for the praise…
    the post on agile will require a little time to digest. I’m not agile enough to soak all that in.
    I’m a big fan of SDN, so it is apt that I post a bit there too. I’m very interested to hear more from the big messy global projects, and I’m especially keen to find out more cool customer add ons.
    There are buckets of innovation going on in the SAP world, we need to do a better job at letting the world know.

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