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Just another day in the office

I remember about a year ago I was working with one of my clients on their HR systems. I was called in to finish off some details that another consultant could not complete as they were required for a project elsewhere. One of the applications I was to modify I had designed and implemented for them about 3 years earlier and to still have it working productivly was a little gratifying.

If you want the details – it was a bespoke JSP/Servlet application running on iPlanet (Sun ONE server) doing some project cost tracking by providing a nice little webby interface and recording the entries into the HR time infotypes (1000 and something or other) using JCo and BAPI’s. This information was then amalgamated using the WBS elements and that data was fed to a cost accounting system (not SAP – shock horror!)

Now, this was a big client, big enough to have people all around the world and a global HR system to take care of paying them and keeping track of the international payroll rules, let alone the number of specific country payrolls they were running.

But the fun part was this. One day we had a phone conference to pull all the stakeholders together. The developers from the outsoucing company were in Mumbai, their project managers were in Dubai, the servers and their administrators were in Amsterdam and the project sponsor and yours truly were in London.

4 timezones, one meeting.

Just another day in the office.

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