SAP Blogging … not all good

James Governer reviewed blogging around the big corporates at the end of last year and gave SAP the thumbs up.

Vinnie also had some nice things to say about SDN in SAP’s SDN: Such Delightful News.

This is all very nice validatation but for the first part of this year it seems like the cotter pins are working loose and the wheels are a little bit wobbly.

There have been several incidents and not all SDNers are happy little vegemites.

1. Plagerism – nasty

2. Very similar content published at the same time by two people in the same company.

3. Enough posts of a basic nature to get Valery to post this ‘pull your head in‘ rant.

4. Unrest about posting in general. What gets to be a ‘valid’ blog seems to have been the order of the day since the very short blog from Curt Monash

Now, it seems that even Craig has been driven to distraction by all this nonsence and posted this blog and this forum thread late last night.

I would simply like see a little less whinging. Is that too much to ask? What are your thoughts?

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5 Responses to “SAP Blogging … not all good”

  1. 1 Craig Cmehil Friday, 9 February 2007 at 12:10

    In all honesty the areas this effects are actually quite limited, but due to how we display the blogs everyone sees them so therefore everyone is affected.

    The community over 2 years ago made a switch from publishing articles to writing more blogs and thus making a heavy technical tutorial style blog the accepted norm on the site, now we have more and more people and of course several have blogs outside of our space and so they want to blog the way they want and don’t care if that’s not the norm – since the one very unfortunate case you mentioned above (see short blog) we’ve noticed a shift in blogging and a pushing of the “norm” as I said in the comments of that one we are in a shift and we need to adapt but the only way to adapt is for the community themselves to do it (please remember SDN blogs are community blogs NOT SAP Blogs) so when I receive 113 emails about a single post enough is enough, the folks need to step up stop bickering and decide what they expect and what not and anyone blogging has to accept that or go outside of the SDN blogosphere and blog somewhere else we have over 900 registered bloggers and over 400 are active in the last two months – we’re huge now and when you get big you need some form of guidelines in place even if that is “as long as it’s technincal and related to SAP technologies or if it’s related to SAP and business processing and modeling and tools it’s allowed” but something needs to be said and stated and those who don’t adhere should most likely get their access to blog removed. 25 blog applications a day (8 hour day) is the average.

    Or perhaps “anything goes we give you the blog space and you say what you want, no more application” but we are not Blogger or WordPress so that really doesn’t work you know…


  2. 2 nigeljames Friday, 9 February 2007 at 12:31

    Thanks for your comments Craig. I appreciate all the work you and your team do to make SDN the most rocking developer site on the planet.


  3. 3 Michael Koch Sunday, 11 February 2007 at 23:09

    I second what you say in your comment, Nigel. Craig and his chums are doing a very good job over there on SDN.

    I do find some of these short blogs or forum posts like “Hello, I am X from Y and I’d like to become a consultant for Z – please email me ALL the documentation you have available and I’ll reward you with points!” kind of posts VERY annoying. But as a lot of people say: Live and let live. Just read on and ignore them!


  4. 4 nigeljames Sunday, 11 February 2007 at 23:14

    Yes Michael, those posts really annoy me too. I stopped subscribing to the CRM rss feed because it is full of “please send me the tables information pdf” etc.

    They really annoy me but I move on.

  1. 1 Storm in a teacup « Getting Technical Trackback on Tuesday, 13 February 2007 at 10:07
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