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Storm in a teacup

Like the snow that we have had in London for the last couple of days, I think the current storm happening over at SDN will blow over soon enough. The new growth will bud out, the dead wood will be taken to the recycling centre and the tree will blossom once again.

My Dad, wise old sage that he is, says that you would get bored of summer if that’s is all you ever experienced. A good storm every now and again not only makes the sun more appreciated but also washes away the dust making everything fresh.

Allow me another metaphore if you will. Fire. The great fire of London in 1666 devestated the city. It has been rebuilt and it thrives as great city and a great place to live. In fact look at the great things to come out of the fire. St Pauls for one. Christopher Wren was an amazing architect.

I have said all this to say that, ‘This too will pass and what is to come will be a whole lot better’.

And there is probably a whole lot of registered SDNers that haven’t even noticed! (Like 600 000)

Let’s move on, fix what needs to be fixed and have a good laugh.

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Translating that Drawl

I don’t know where Hayden got this from, but this is very, very funny.

Here is a sample…

RETARD – Verb. To stop working.
Usage: “My granpaw retard at age 65.”

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