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Shai Leaves SAP

Shai Agassi has just announced he is leaving SAP. Well that’s not the sort of thing you expect to see in your reader every day.

All the best Shai, you certainly have made your mark in the past five or six years at SAP.

All the best with your future endeavours.

Here is some of the coverage.

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Vendorprisey is 1 – Global SAP, Small World

Vendorprisey is 1 and to celebrate Thomas has a great post on the Global nature of SAP. He says in part…

SAP is a global company, and we like it that way.

He says a lot more that that, of course, and if you haven’t read the post already it is well worth the read.

SAP is a truly global company and one that I am very happy to have become involved with. When I made the call to get on the SAP stream when taking a graduate role at PricewaterhouseCoopers all those years ago, I knew it was the right call and it has been paying off ever since.

SAP really is a passport in many senses of the word. Have SAP – can travel.

At the moment I am working in the European HQ of a large global enterprise. All around me there are people from all over the world. Let me list a few of the nations involved in this project: Australian, English, Indian, Pakistani, German, Spanish, Argentinian, French, Italian, Irish, South African, Malaysian. I am sure I have missed a few.

This says to me that SAP is truly global and has brought a whole world of developers, consultants, project managers, architects, recruiters, analysts into the ecosystem and very successfully. Today there are many lives being impacted by SAP software all around the world.

It is a small global world this SAP world. It is not an unusual for someone to know someone that I know. Recently I was sitting at work and the new contractor is being introduced to everyone and it was like ‘aren’t you…’, ‘didn’t you work at/with…’ ‘small world’.

SAP is indeed a global company but it is a small world.

[Side note: Vendorprisey comes up as a spelling error with my very useful Firefox dictionary plug-in and ‘Endorphins’ is the first suggestion that the dictionary plug-in has determined. Is Thomas trying to be subtle in his charity ride promotion or this just coincidence?]

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Atlassian recognised as Australia’s fastest growing software company

Atlassian News: Atlassian recognised as Australia’s fastest growing software company

Just saw this via James. Atlassian is the company that powers the software in the SDN forums and Wiki. I didn’t even realise they were an Australian company. Shame on me and 3 cheers to Atlassian.

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