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It’s just not cricket

Australian cricket is at an all time high. Congratulations to the Australian team. They have dominated the recent World Cup.

The administrators, however, have not performed well. I am glad they have said sorry but the game is getting a tad political and driven by television rights.

I would much rather see closer games and even less of them. Games being decided in that last over are much more fun, even if you loose.

Oh, and I’ll take you up on that beer thanks Thomas. I’ll even buy you one back for being such a great sport. Then we can design some grand plan for trying to explain cricket to those who don’t love it like we do. Even that seems to be changing!

Now back to the software…

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CRM Helper parameters

When I first started work with SAP CRM 5.0 last year, my colleagues quickly pointed me to a parameter to set that makes life easier.

The other day I found some documentation of this very same parameter in a comment. (Yes don’t fall off your seat)

So for your pleasure, as lovingly taken from the root_content.htm page fragment in the IC_BASE BSP application, is that comment. It will save bruises on your head.

The position 1 is the most useful because the tooltip it gives you is the technical viewname of a IC Web Client view. This is very valuable to work out which view to change in an IC Web Client project.

<%-- Testparameter for new features. Begin
     Set one or more X instead of number in set/get Param CRM_ICWC_TEST to:
     0123456789 = no new feature
     ^            position 0: use java console for (scripting) test output
     ^           position 1: show filenames in tooltip
     ^          position 2: switch off java applet
     ^         position 3: use BDC->CurrentCentralOneOrder
     ^ = position 9: enable BOL display-only mode
     Update message 000 in message class CRM_IC_APPL for any change! --%>

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Lest we forget

Today is ANZAC day and let us take a moment to remember the price that has been paid for our freedom. For me ANZAC Day is memories of returned soldiers marching in their uniform, Mum making great ANZAC biscuits and the haunting sound of the Last Post.

Smh have good coverage here.

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The Virus continues


originally uploaded by Craig & Nicole Cmehil.

Dennis Howlett and Craig Cmehil having a chat. The Blue Monster made it to SAPPHIRE!

Hugh will be pleased.

Now SAP can you change the world or go home too? By the sounds of what has been going on it looks like that is happening.

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Fit for purpose

There is a new meme on the block.
Donald has kicked it off and tagged Thomas who in turn has tagged me. This was an age ago now, but here goes.

The question this time is “How do you stay fit?“.

That is a very good question and indeed one that needs to be asked and at the end of the day it is proposed to bring forth a full and fruitful answer to this no doubt excellent line of enquiry.

I am waffling – I shall slip out of Sir Humphrey mode and actually answer the question.

Short answer
I run.

Longer answer…
I run in the mornings 15 Minutes 4-6 times a week. Some Saturday mornings I will go for a 45 minute cycle and try and find some challenging gradient. But finding that gradient is challenging in London. Running is my least favourite way of keeping fit. I would much prefer to cycle or swim but I want to stay fit and running is so accessible. All I need is my runners and my motivation. No expensive equipment and no gym fees. Me, the road and the stopwatch. Some mornings are harder that others and to be honest I lost a bit of momentum over Easter but that has been remedied this week.

It’s not just running around the block. As we software types like to say – GIGO – Garbage In, Garbage Out. Staying fit is about eating healthy too, which is why you will see me with a big bottle of water on my desk and munching on insanely healthy things like raw carrots, celery, oat cakes and bananas. You will also see an empty chocolate wrapper or 3 as well, on occasion, so I am not just a fitness fanatic. It’s not like I am threatening Stuart O’Grady for his place on the CSC team and I am certainly not weighing my pasta like Lance used to. I am running to maintain a level of fitness that I am happy with with the level of commitment that I am happy to maintain. My goals are to keep my resting heart rate at or below 60 bpm and maintain a state of health that I am happy with. That means a simple 15 run almost every day is enough to keep me fit enough without costing me precious time sweating it out in a gym.

That said, it is only recently that I got back onto the road. I have, in years gone by, ridden 100’s of kilometres and participated in RunLondon but up until a month or two ago I was doing very little. I went to a local gym to check out what they could offer. I decided I could put money in my pocket by pounding the block every morning and rather than ‘fatblogging‘ I am using twitter to record my progress. Every morning after my run I text in the relevant stats that I care about. Using twitter will enable me to consume and parse the rss feed into a nice graph. I could keep track of these thing many other ways but using twitter to record this stuff is a fun experiment too.

So there you go. That is how I keep fit.

Now in the way of the meme – tagging. Whom shall I tag? Well Martin, Blag, Craig and Michael – your it. How do you keep fit in this busy busy SAP world you all inhabit?
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Every second transaction

Shai has left SAP, but this video from last years TechEd conference is worth revisiting.

The quote that I like best is (at 0’57”):

Every second transaction in the world, at one point or another, goes through SAP systems.

That is a lot of transactions and a testament of SAP’s ability to scale.

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