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CRM Helper parameters

When I first started work with SAP CRM 5.0 last year, my colleagues quickly pointed me to a parameter to set that makes life easier.

The other day I found some documentation of this very same parameter in a comment. (Yes don’t fall off your seat)

So for your pleasure, as lovingly taken from the root_content.htm page fragment in the IC_BASE BSP application, is that comment. It will save bruises on your head.

The position 1 is the most useful because the tooltip it gives you is the technical viewname of a IC Web Client view. This is very valuable to work out which view to change in an IC Web Client project.

<%-- Testparameter for new features. Begin
     Set one or more X instead of number in set/get Param CRM_ICWC_TEST to:
     0123456789 = no new feature
     ^            position 0: use java console for (scripting) test output
     ^           position 1: show filenames in tooltip
     ^          position 2: switch off java applet
     ^         position 3: use BDC->CurrentCentralOneOrder
     ^ = position 9: enable BOL display-only mode
     Update message 000 in message class CRM_IC_APPL for any change! --%>

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