It’s just not cricket

Australian cricket is at an all time high. Congratulations to the Australian team. They have dominated the recent World Cup.

The administrators, however, have not performed well. I am glad they have said sorry but the game is getting a tad political and driven by television rights.

I would much rather see closer games and even less of them. Games being decided in that last over are much more fun, even if you loose.

Oh, and I’ll take you up on that beer thanks Thomas. I’ll even buy you one back for being such a great sport. Then we can design some grand plan for trying to explain cricket to those who don’t love it like we do. Even that seems to be changing!

Now back to the software…

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  1. 1 theotherthomasotter Friday, 4 May 2007 at 5:34

    Explaining SOA or cricket. Tough call.

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