Logging on to SAP

You know it’s Friday when you are trying to log on to one of the many SAP systems at your disposal and instead of being taken to the start transaction you get the friendly hourglass.

Ok, fine, I will take my toys and go and play with one of the other components in the landscape. So I use the “Stop Transaction” feature and get this great dialog box.

Please log in

Ha! I believe that is what I was trying to do. Oh well. It is Friday.

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1 Response to “Logging on to SAP”

  1. 1 Byron Tuesday, 26 June 2007 at 3:51

    Hi, Nigel. I was browsing around to see what other folks blogging about SAP are doing as I have been at it for a few months myself. It seems like a pretty tight circle of folks, especially amongst the consultants and the ABAPpers who actually get what’s going on over at SDN. I’m a FICO guy for a electrical distribution company in St. Louis.

    Came across your logging in on a Friday post, and thought it was funny since I’d posted a logging out on a Friday blog….

    Need I say more?


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