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PhpLondon Meetup October

PHPLondon last night went off.

We had a great talk from Toby Beresford about creating facebook apps with codeigniter. The slides are here if you are interested.

Later Matt Mullenweg turned up and I had the great pleasure of having a chat to him for over an hour about all sorts of things not least of which was the plans for WordPress, having thick skin, having blocked in China and Turkey, free speach, presentation tips, open source, lol cats … it was a great time.

One thing he does care about is the user experience. For all the stuff that people say about WordPress it is so easy to install and so easy to use. But Matt wants to make it easier. The Automattic team are working really hard on the UI so that it is so initutive to use for people who have no idea what blogging is about.

I also dropped into the conversation that I would be doing a ‘WordPress meets SAP’ talk in Munich. He was interested and whether that was just polite or genuine I couldn’t really say.

I will say this though, it was an absolute pleasure to chat with him and he is a very genuine bloke and that just makes me a bigger wordpress fan.

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