Photowalking London Update

So how did the first Photowalking London go?

Well. Thanks for asking. Apart from the fact I left my camera at home. Never mind. I did get out of the office and head over to the Millenium Bridge to the Tate Modern and scouted out the joint and there is a stack of great thing to point a camera at.

I also went into the Tate and there is enough subject matter in there to keep you clicking for a long long time.

I won’t mention the Monet that took my breath away or the mirror cubes which can set up a nice infite loop effect. Come and check it out for yourself. Friday 12.30 near the spider at the Tate Modern. Next week I won’t be in London but don’t be shy go and walk somewhere else in London and tag your photos ‘photowalkinglondon’.

The turbine hall will be open this week (it opened again today) and the new exhibit will be worth a peek.


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