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Change the world? You betcha!

Wow! When I heard the early rumours on twitter I was happy.

When I saw the blog from Dan McWeeney this morning I was happier.

When I saw the blog on SDN I was estastic.

The official SAP Press Release is here but I think the blogs are more interesting to read.

Blog for food.

This is the best outcome I could have imagined from my little blog I wrote on SDN earlier this year.

Who was I to think that little blog would trigger a program with an outcome as good as this?

I want to say thank you to everyone involved inside SAP that has made this program a reality. This is a much better way to reward the contributions on SDN than T-Shirts and pins. As fun as they are, having kids being able to eat is a much better outcome.

Thanks again and it is great to be a part of a community that has made this central to all they are about.

Some good news

In contrast to all the bad news about people loosing vast quanties of private data, countries not qualifiying for EURO 2008 and people loosing their jobs over donations to political parties here is some good news.

Speaking to a number of key recruitment agencies, it remains that strong SAP skills and experience are amongst the most sought after in IT. The demand is fuelled by employers who will often counter offers to existing employees, which makes it harder to recruit.

 More reasons why 2008 is going to ge a great year… let alone all the plans and schemes I am coming up with.

London SAPers looking to put together a local community day.

After the success of TechEd recently, my colleague Darren Hague, floated the idea of a local community day in London.

The initial thought is a date in April. Community day in Munich was a blast so there is no reason we couldn’t do that over here too. 

So all we need now is some warm bodies, eager minds, a bit of that old unconference spirit, a venue to hold it in and someone to sponsor a bit of food and beer. Any takers?

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