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Starting a blog

A friend is wanting to start to blog. It’s dead easy…

  1. Sign up at
  2. Sign up at
  3. Sign up at
  4. Sign up at
  5. If you have an account on SCN, put your shiny new url every where you can. Your business card profile, in the wiki and even in your forum posts. SCN has awesome google juice.
  6. Sign up at – this will remove your feed from your url if you ever want to move domains
  7. Have something to say and join the conversation.

Hope this helps you Cathy!

What other tips would you give a new blogger?

Boost for WordPress

You may have seen the news allready.

I won’t claim to be a fast blogger, instantly reacting to the worlds events but I do like to put in my 2p when something interesting happens.

Automattic has raised a US$29.5 million in Series B funding to position the company to

execute on our vision of a better web not just in blogging

Three hearty cheers to them. Make mine a Marstons, or a Glass of Blue Monster Reserve, or a glass of Ch√Ęteau de Chasselas .

Well done.

I have been thinking recently about moving this blog and self hosting it. Not only that but moving away from WordPress to s9y or one of the other php based blogging tools. Mostly, truth be known, for security reasons.

But given WordPress is the software I know and it is easy to use and I know they are working on making it better and with this level of investment I am happy to be sticking with WordPress.

As Andrew said on the PHPLondon mailing list, who has struggled with the internals of WordPress while buiding Alphaville for the FT:

And yes, my own blog runs WordPress. It’s just so damned easy to install ūüôā is one of the fresh faces of the future. (Not everyone gets DFOF‘ed)

Changes at Enso

I have written about Enso before and have even played around with their API a little to¬†create my own little application and¬†had a go at integrating it with SAP GUI but suffice it to say Thomas isn’t going¬† to get a¬†‘perf mary’ command just yet.

There are changes afoot over in Chicago. First of all a Mac port is on the way to becoming a reality. Check out the teasing screenshot.

Secondly it is now free – as in no charge and they are thinking about opening the source code.

Thirdly, the main brains behind the outfit have been hired by Mozilla.

These are all great developments and congratulations to the guys involved.

Sun to aquire MySQL

Sun to Acquire MySql

Great! C|Net’s take. Jonathon’s take.

Jeff Nolan has a good take on it from his SAP Ventures days.

I agree that SAP could be doing even more with MaxDB and the scripting world.

How about supporting or sponsoring a PDO driver for MaxDB for one?

But here are some initial questions that come out of my mind:

Doesn’t Oracle hold the licence for the InnoDB storage engine?

The java company owning the database that plays so well with perl / php / python etc. Is that a potential culture clash?

Will there be a move to push solaris as a prefered OS?

But aside from that “Well done” to all at Sun and MySQL. I am looking forward to MySQL moving forward from this announcement.

8 things you (probably) don‚Äôt know about me.

Ah the New Years meme. 8 things this year. It is remenisent of the price rise of the London congestion charge from £5 to £8. Anyway on with the meme.

I have been tagged by both Craig Cmehil and Thomas Otter and as I recall Thomas tagged me last year when the price of admission was a mere five things.

Here we go…

  1. I am a big big big Monty Python fan. I found a record (yes, a big black round thing) in my brothers collection when I was twelve and haven’t looked back since. Ni Ni.
  2. Of all the humour in the world I would put Australian first. I love the Working Dog films. The Castle and The Dish are two of my favourite films (or is that Nick?)
  3. Of all the things that are good and bad about SAP, being able to use the Control-Y combination to select data from across several fields and then paste it into several fields in another session is one of my biggest timesavers – or at least it was last week when I was copying data structures.
  4. The first swan I ever saw was black. There are white swans?
  5. I love really really like eclipse as an IDE. Sure it takes up a bit of memory and takes a while to load but it I have found to be great to work with and I only have to start it about once a week thanks to hibernation of my machine.
  6. Three to go … on the home straight.
    My first car was a Holden Commodore – except is was a 4 cylinder and therefore a tad under powered. In retrospect, that was probably a good thing.
  7. Having recently tasted these for the first time in a long time – Violet Crumble beats Crunchie any day of the week. A Violet Crumbe is a real treat.
  8. The longest distance I have driven in 24 hours is about 1000k from Halls Creek to Alice Springs via the Tanami (Tan-am-eye) Track.

Ok now for the tagging bit. So¬†I am going¬†to tag up. That is tag some of the best PHP bloggers that I have been following for the past year of so. So if you guys don’t want to play along that’s fine. I’ll still be reading your blogs.

Nick Halstead from,
Eli White from Digg,
Terry Chay from Tagged,
Chris Shifflet from Omniti,
Wez Furlong who is speaking at to the London Php Conference Friday Feb 29,
Cal Evans from Zend Devzone,
Sara Golemon from Yahoo,
Liz Naramore, PHPWomen‘s champion.

So, if you have the inclination, I’d love to learn a few more things about you guys.

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