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Would you like a usb hub with that Air, Sir?

I don’t have an Air and I know Stephen O’Grady has been reviewing his loaner Lenovo X300, but this Lenovo advertisement says it all.

As nice as the Apple interface is, sometimes you can take away too much.

SAP London Community Day 2008 is a success

A quick update from the first totally community organised London Community Day. The general consensus was it was a huge success. A full post will be up on SCN later.

We had about 20 or so there for the day and we had some great sessions on the ICF (Internet Communication Framework), Enterprise Services with .NET, Workflow, Dynamic personalisation and landing pages in Enterprise Portal, a session on the Universal worklist and a few others.

The best part of these days is the networking. It was great to meet new people and catch up with many that I have worked with over the years. If you missed out on this day we are planning others. Watch this space.

You can catch up with some of the happenings at the eventtrack feed. Photos and video will be posted “soon”.

If anyone knows about AVCHD M2TS video files and has some tips get in touch. Though google has a few answers it seems.

Two events coming up in the SAP Calendar

Most importantly is the SAP London Community Day which is Saturday the 26 April 2008. If you haven’t signed up you may well be too late.

We have some great people coming and some great talks scheduled. We are going to do our best to make sure the lions share of it is recorded and put up for the SAP Community at large. If you are coming and taking photos or blogging or twittering then use the tag ‘SAPLondonCD08‘. I should plug EventTrack at this point because this is exactly what it is designed for.

The other event is SAPPHIRE Berlin 2008 in Berlin on 19 – 21 May 2008. Every time I see the word SAPPHIRE I really see saPHPire, because I would love to see closer PHP integration. Word on the street is that Zend and SAP are working on it but that is all unsubstantiated rumour. So take it with a grain of salt until is announced.

Last time I want to one of these events I got to ask a question to the CEO, Henning Kagerman. (Now Co-CEO with Léo Apotheker.)

[YouTube = ]

This time I hope to be able to ask many more probing questions to all sorts of people. In particular, I too would like to know why SAP is cutting R&D spend.

I am also keen to talk with some of the CRM people and learn more about what others are doing with SAP CRM and get some more details about the new version 7.

Many thanks to Mike Prosceno and his team for the invitation. I am looking forward to meeting up with Sig, Dennis and James and also meeting a few people I haven’t yet met.

Today is good people day

pass it on…


Let me talk quickly about one of the most awesome poeple in my virtual world.

Craig Cmehil is the community evangelist over at the SAP Developer Network. He is awesome because he is always out there on the cutting edge pushing the community trying new things. Thinking of new ways to make the SAP Developer Community rock. Introducing new services like twitter and kyte and ustream to take the community events to the next level.

Like eventtrack – tracking people in the moment,  like helping out Chris Dalby (Microsoft MVP) with Chinposin – ambient avatars, like creating a twitter clone for inside the firewall. I could go on.

Craig you rock.

So it’s good people day – who are you going to talk up, praise, shout out?

If you just read this, consider yourself tagged.

So who is the April fool then?

Ahh April fool’s gotta, love it or hate it as the case may be.

Did you get taken in by the new Fashion TV mashup starring Trinny and Susanna and Dennis Howlett?

or Virgil ?

Or Microsoft and Yahoo finally inking a deal?

I was going to write some more about SAP and PHP but thought better of it. That can wait for another day.

Update: This post from Chris Shiflet on PHP Easter Eggs was too good not to pass on. The comments are worth reading too.

37 Signals runs PHP.

As Al twittered last night:

thank God 1-4 is over no more stupid April fools for another year.

Who needs an Apple Air

… that fits into an A4 mailing envelope?

When you can have a beast that sits nicely on top of a ream of A3 paper!

Laptop on a ream of A3

At least I don’t throw it out because is hidden by the ft!

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