Meeting Jan Lehnardt

SAPHHIRE 013You just have to love twitter. Those who don’t get it or don’t perceive its value are missing out. When I arrived in Berlin for the SAPPHIRE conference on Sunday night Jan twittered to see if I wanted to catch up while I was in town. I jumped at the opportunity and we then traded tweets, emails and eventually phone calls to track each other down and go and have a beer. I was at the evening networking event meeting SAP Executives and catching up with old friends but a chance to have a chat with Jan was something I thought I could not pass up.

We found a quiet bar right next to the Hauptbahnhof and chatted about life the universe and well… nearly everything.

Jan had initially come up on my radar from a podcast he did at the end of last year on the Zend Devzone. That podcast surprised me a little because it had little to do with PHP and everything to do with CouchDB. CouchDB is a new non-relation database that stores documents rather than being the typical relation database that we have all grown to love.

CouchDB is not the solution to everything. For a lot of cases a relational system is still the best solution but for some cases and I will freely admit to know a whole lot less about CouchDB that I would like, CouchDB provides better scalability than a relational database can provide as it is built on erlang, the language built with scalability in mind.

It was great to have to opportunity to meet up with Jan and great to meet a face behind a great open source project like CouchDB.

Stop Press: Jan has just mailed me to let me know that he will be in London for an Erlang Exchange evening on Wednesday 25 of June. Go along to hear from a pretty amazing guy.


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