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Great work from Sean Osteen. Need I say more.
Well I know I have a BlackBerry bias but I am not against iPhone. They are awesome but I just found this tickled my funny bone.


BlackBerry ‘hack’ – Email Delivery Confirmation

Whilst on the phone with Vodafone sorting our some email delivery issues with my BlackBerry I learned a new trick.

If you put ‘<confirm>‘ in the header line of an email you send to a BlackBerry you will get a delivery confirmation when it has been delivered to the BlackBerry.

Of course you can send PIN message to a BlackBerry as well which is an ‘instant’ way to communicate with other BlackBerry users. They always get a delivery receipt – a second tick appears next to the message. The only downside it that the PIN is the handset ID which will change when you change handset. This means you have to update everyone. This is easy because there is a handy shortcut to generate the pin in a message. Type mypin and it gets replaced with a link that is another BlackBerry user can pin you with directly.

What other BlackBerry hacks do you know?

Photo credit BBCool_Wes – Thanks.