Zend Framework 1.7 is out

How would you like to pay for that Sir?

How would you like to pay for that Sir?

I note, via a number of sources, that Zend Framework 1.7 is out. As we are close to going live on our project that is using ZF for the first time we will not be putting 1.7 into production just yet. The most interesting thing to me is the updated Dojo as we are finding those Dojo forms to be kinda funky. I am looking forward to playing with Zend_Amf though.

What would interest me most in a 2.0 release (if anyone is listening) is a Zend_Payment component. I am thinking a component with a nice abstract adaptor similar to Zend_Db that could have implemenations for Paypal, Google Checkout, SecPay (or is that Paypoint?), WorldPay, eWay etc etc.

I think that a payment component is a critical part of a web toolkit. On my project we are starting to build this out as we need to, refactoring old classes into a Company_Payment class and if I get really excited I may even sign the CLA and get involved in ZF myself. It would be great to have leadership from Zend on this get an awesome base abstract class to build off.

It would be great to bring everything together under one set of classes like Zend_Payment rather than the Zend_Service_Payment, Zend_Service_Linkpoint, Zend_Service_Paypal that are currently (languishing) in the Community Wiki.

This would be a great addition for a 2.0 release.

Any thoughts on this are welcome.

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  1. 1 Wil Sinclair Wednesday, 19 November 2008 at 23:07

    I’m listening. 🙂 We have put a lot of thought in to this, and it wouldn’t have to wait for 2.0. We will be doing at least 1 more minor release before then. The ZF team at Zend has basically concluded that this is a huge value add, but we really would like to see this driven by the community. We are currently working on the really fundamental and/or tricky parts of the framework. I’m sure there is even a ZF user out there who has already implemented a generic payment service with adapters for a few major payment processors. It’s just a matter of getting them to contribute. 🙂
    Maybe you’d be interested in helping drive this effort?


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