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Minority Report? No, Majority Desk!

I remember when Minority Report first came out that the director said ‘Yep in the future it will be like that’. I am referring to the through the air motions that the Chief John Anderton makes as he investigates the crime.

A little earlier in the year Dan and Ed did this Wii Demo and everyone was all over it.

Well, they have gone and outdone themselves.

Majority Desk is a wii-mote adventure and it makes for loads of fun. Not quite Chief John Anderton but not too far off when you consider it is built with ‘off the shelf’ components.

You will get your best look at where Dan and Ed give an interview with Michael Coté.

[podtech content= &totalTime=277000&breadcrumb=db2b31666406435bbc6c9737a07d935a]

Here is the consolation prize from the camera of Marilyn Pratt as the guys do the warm up for Demo Jam. (Photo credit Marilyn Pratt)

Dan demonstrates Majority Desk

Well done guys. See you in Munich.


PDF page numbering

This is something that has bugged me for quite some time and maybe it has bugged you too.

It came up for me again while digesting Hasso Plattners Trends and Concepts document.

There is a disconnect between the numbered pages of the document ‘physical’ document and the virtual document.

If, for example, I want to check a quote that Dennis Howlett has referred to in his blog – ‘SAPs 429 page lecture’ and I want to navigate to page 7 I have this handy ‘Go To Page’ (CTRL+SHIFT+N for those who love shortcuts) functionality in Adobe Reader to do just that.
Go To Page
The problem is the page 7 that Dennis is referring to is that page 7 of the physical document as numbered by what ever grand publishing software has been used to create this document. Adobe takes us to the 7th page of the document, which is a completely different thing. It is, in fact, page iii of the introduction.

What I would like is for a little more connection between those two concepts so that when I ‘Go To Page’ 7 I go to the seventh page of the document as decided by the publisher not the seventh page from the front.

Is that too much to ask? 

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Adobe MAX Keynote – The Big Bet on Apollo

Matthias Zeller Memento · Adobe MAX Keynote Session Part 2 – The Big Bet on Apollo

Interested in how I could get my hands on a slice of the $100M that is being handed out. I am very keen to get an exec dashboard in Flex / Apollo into ChurchWorks.

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