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Beating back BSP bugs

This is not a story about how I killed a microwave by cooking a burrito for 60 minutes rather than 60 seconds. This is just a story about how one man in his daily quest solved a nagging problem that was bothering him just a little too much.

The other day when I was chatting to Craig, I mentioned that I liked to blog about problems that I had solved so that others did not have to endure the pain.

This was such a day.

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CRM and Le Tour

Two very unrelated subjects, I would have thought.

Yet here in the depths of SAP CRM there is the following line of code:

if cl_crm_ic_services=>greglemondmemorial = space.

Not quite sure why this is here. There is no else statement and nothing changes the value of the static attribute greglemondmemorial. They may as well have written ‘if 1 = 1’ or removed the if statement completely.

But it is finding this like this in SAP that makes your day interesting. So three cheers to Greg Lemond, three time winner of the tour.

For the curious this line of code is in the file abap_contextAreaPage.htm, which is in the crm_ic BSP application. The system at hand is a 4.0 system and I am not sure if this has been removed in later versions.

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Multiple App servers and BSP debugging

My current client was having shocking performance on its SAP development system. This is not a good thing. There were many consultants getting quite frustrated and annoyed.

So after the time it takes to get these type of things organised they deployed a new app server for us. Hooray. Improved performance and happy consultants.

Here are some reminders for when you are trying to debug SAP Business Server Pages (BSP) applications you need to:

  1. Make sure you are connected to the right client. If your breakpoint is in client 200 it won’t stop at the breakpoint if you are logging onto client 300 with the browser. The best way to do this to absolutley make sure is to append sap-client=nnn to the url where nnn is your client number.
  2. Make sure are you pointing your browser at the right application server. You can either save a bookmark / favorite to the right app server or you can use the test from within transaction SE80 (the development workbench) or transaction BSP_WD_WORKBENCH (the web client workbench). Using ‘test’ does not guarrentee that the right client will be chosen as there may well be a default client set up in the Internet Connection Framework (transaction SICF).

So if you have a set a breakpoint in your BSP and you are not hitting it, check these two points. If you have set it all up correctly then your logic may well be at fault! That is probably why you are debugging.

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