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Innovation in IT

Innovation in IT

Dan McWeeney has some great ideas. He also has a sence of humour. Both of these are very good attributes in a developer.

In this post on innovation he has some good pointers about Agile or should that be agile, Steve? However you spell it. This post from Dan has some simple points about agile in stark contrast to the rant from Steve I posted yesterday.

Joel also had some interesting thoughts about agile recently too.

Obviously there are ways and means of doing this stuff. I am interested in Dan’s comments because he works with this wonderful German software product too and I am trying to surf and or catch the wave of scripting enthusiasm and find ways of working that work better and smarter.

Can agile work in a process where a lot of the work is configured rather than programmed? I am still on this agile / scrum learning curve and I am trying to decode the whole schmozzle.

So for this reason I am glad to hear that it is working for somebody.

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