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Great work from Sean Osteen. Need I say more.
Well I know I have a BlackBerry bias but I am not against iPhone. They are awesome but I just found this tickled my funny bone.

Would you like a usb hub with that Air, Sir?

I don’t have an Air and I know Stephen O’Grady has been reviewing his loaner Lenovo X300, but this Lenovo advertisement says it all.

As nice as the Apple interface is, sometimes you can take away too much.

So who is the April fool then?

Ahh April fool’s gotta, love it or hate it as the case may be.

Did you get taken in by the new Fashion TV mashup starring Trinny and Susanna and Dennis Howlett?

or Virgil ?

Or Microsoft and Yahoo finally inking a deal?

I was going to write some more about SAP and PHP but thought better of it. That can wait for another day.

Update: This post from Chris Shiflet on PHP Easter Eggs was too good not to pass on. The comments are worth reading too.

37 Signals runs PHP.

As Al twittered last night:

thank God 1-4 is over no more stupid April fools for another year.

From the department of silly walks

In doing my research for the WordPress talk I am doing at SAPTechEd Munich, I came across…

A Compendium of 150 Monty Python Sketches – One Mans Blog

In a slightly related note  the book that James Governor has contributed to, Web 2.0 Design Patterns, is up on Amazon for pre-ordering. Check out that cover – beautiful ploomage.


Logging on to SAP

You know it’s Friday when you are trying to log on to one of the many SAP systems at your disposal and instead of being taken to the start transaction you get the friendly hourglass.

Ok, fine, I will take my toys and go and play with one of the other components in the landscape. So I use the “Stop Transaction” feature and get this great dialog box.

Please log in

Ha! I believe that is what I was trying to do. Oh well. It is Friday.

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Translating that Drawl

I don’t know where Hayden got this from, but this is very, very funny.

Here is a sample…

RETARD – Verb. To stop working.
Usage: “My granpaw retard at age 65.”

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Oh NO! The scripts are escaping!

The Scripts are escaping

I had this funny error message in SAP the other day. I can’t remember the context, but standing alone, out of context, it is pretty funny. Also note that while it looks like an error message it is being signalled as a success message, which makes it even more humourous.

Arrggh, the scripts are escaping! They are taking over the world!

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