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5 Things you (probably) didn’t know about me


What happens when you see your entire blogroll has gone nuts doing this whole ‘5-things’ thing? You can just see it coming.

Thanks Thomas for tagging me. So for your reading pleasure here goes…

1. 30 kangaroos used to live in my back yard. OK, so the back yard in question was 3000 acres and they lived in the bush paddock at the far end of the farm. They are such graceful animals in full flight.

2. I am a university dropout. I dropped out of an Architecture degree before later doing a information technology degree. My results were much better the second time around.

3. I have performed for royalty. When I was younger, oh so much younger than today, my high school took a musical on a tour of the UK doing about 20 shows in about 25 days. At one of those shows Prince Edward, who was then the arty royal working for the Really Useful Theatre Company, was in attendance.

4. My favorite musical is Les Mis.

5. As for sport I am passionate about cricket and cycling to the exclusion of pretty much every other sport including football aka soccer, AFL aka Aussie Rules or footie, rugby (both codes), basketball or anything really. The Ashes and those three weeks in July are the top of the sporting calendar for me. Roll on 07-07-07 when Le Tour leaves from London.

Ok Alvero and Demian consider yourself tagged.

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Pandora taking too long

Pandora taking too long

Pandora taking too long,
originally uploaded by Nigel James.

Pandora is a pretty cool internet music service. Occasionaly tehy seem to be at a loss to what to play you. If that happens they give you this lovely message.

Good software design I say.

Keep the users informed about whats going on.

When was the last time a long running SAP financials report said: ‘Your year end is taking a tad longer than expected. Hold on to your hat and we will have the bottom line with you soon‘.

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