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PHPLondon Conference

PHPLondon Conference

Well, I have done it. I have signed up for the PHPLondon Conference.

There are a great list of speakers and great talks. Unfortunately Wez Furlong had to withdraw which is a big shame but he has been replaced by at short notice by Ivo Jansch who interestingly is writing a book called “Enterprise PHP”.  Should I mention CIO Magazine?

The schedule has been posted and I am already wishing I could split myself in two. I am keen to listen to the frameworks discussion and I want to hear Zoë Slattery and hear about Project Zero from Anthony

If you can get anywhere near Old Street on Leap Years day then I suggest you come along.

For an early bird fee of £90 it represents great value PHP training and networking. There will also be an extra PHP London Meetup on the 28th. Watch the PHPLondon site for details.



I am a big fan of launchy and I have just counted the ways I love it in a new blog over on the SAP Community Network.

WordPress tagging

I love the new WordPress tagging but there seems to be a slight bug in it.

The tags are comma separated and then ordered into alphabetical order but the commas don’t move when the tags are reordered, leaving a comma at the front


Surely I thought this would be as simple as explode, sort and implode.


Matt in London Town

Matt Mullenweg is going to be in London next week.

Let’s hope he can make it along to the PHP London meetup on 4 October at the The Old Crown, 33 New Oxford Street WC1A 1BH.

Hope to you you there too if you a PHP Geek and WordPress fan(atic).

Vote early – vote often

WOOOOHOOOOO! I made it to the next stage of Munich Idol SAPTechEd Community Sessions. So go and vote. The voting application is not FireFox friendly so make sure you use the excellent IETab plugin or use Internet Explorer.

There are some great sessions planned. This is the list of the sessions that got my vote:

  • Continuous Availability of Nestlé’s Enterprise Portal – A Case Study.
  • Exploring PHP and SAP development
  • Implementing Dynamic iView Properties
  • Lessons learned from SOA integration with Typo3 WebCMS
  • PHP in the SAP Ecosystem.
  • Processing workflow tasks on a Blackberry handheld using Java Web Dynpro
  • SOA Testing Techniques for NetWeaver Application Server
  • Test-Driven Development with ABAP OO
  • Unit Tests for Enterpise Portal Applications
  • Zero-administration user management: a perfect configuration?

Maybe you can see my bias peeking through: PHP, Testing, TDD, Portal, Blackberry.

I really am not concerned who you vote for (a vote for my PHP sessions would be nice) but please make sure you vote. The community sessions are your chance to shape the conversation.

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The Blue Monster sheds it’s fur and shows it’s teeth

When Hugh posted this cartoon

I eat penguin

I had a bit of a chuckle.

But when I saw the news about Microsoft suing because free software violates 235 patents I nearly fell off my chair.

No doubt a lot of blog ink will be used up on this issue, but I don’t think it is a conversation or a case that Microsoft will win. It will annoy a lot of people who are involved in the open source industry and seems to already have if you follow the links below.

When Hugh and Steve started the conversation for Microsoft to change the world, I didn’t think it would take this turn. OK Hugh and Steve don’t run the Microsoft legal department but this is going to change the software world and make a whole buncha laywers rich. Don’t we have better things to do with our time.

If Microsoft was a TV show, I think they just “jumped the shark“.

Blue Monster

Today I think there will be a lot of people that want Microsoft to “go home”.

Thought for the day. What does “live” spell backwards?

I eat Penguin

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The Cathedral and the Bazaar by Eric S. Raymond

The Cathedral and the Bazaar by Eric S. Raymond

This is required reading for software developers. Open source or otherwise.

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