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The Annual A List Apart Web Survey

If you are involved in the web then head over to A List Apart and fill out. their second annual survey of web professionals.

If you are interested in last years results then look here for a nice pdf. There is also raw data for further analysis for if you want to do a Flowing Data and produce some reconstructed graphs.

PHP London July 2008

As always the London PHP meetup last night went off.

I met a whole buncha new people. Some of whom were from and others were from iBuildings.

Ian Christian presented a great talk on doctrine (rhymes with whine not win apparently but I guess that depends on what school you went to or what country you were born in)

Doctrine is a ORM tool for mapping your classes into databases tables. His presentation went well even with offline google docs!

I later got into all sorts of conversations with the afore mentioned new iBuildings guys and aparently the are an international company now because they are in two countries. Well judging by the nationality of them they are a global company! Other people drifed into the conversation and I mentioned I was a SAP consultant by day and someone (not the iBuildings guys FTR) had decided that SAP was all proprietory and was not into open standards blah blah blah. I tried to press him for evidence for his assertions but none came and someone else conventiently came along to rescue him.

I could go on here about how you could connect with SAP dozens of ways including SOAP, REST, Java, .Net, PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby with connectors some official and some open source (how’s Zend Core for SAP coming along guys 😉 hint hint ) but if you have decided that SAP is not open then I guess your mind is in a similar state.

A small group of Symfony guys found a table and started doing the symfony thing and I managed to see Ian was getting prepared for the Agavi presentation next month. (Backstory here)

At the end of the evening I saw Marcus giving a one-on-one with someone so I came over to see what was happening and ended up getting a personal tour through simpletest and intro to TDD.

Thanks Marcus.

Meeting Jan Lehnardt

SAPHHIRE 013You just have to love twitter. Those who don’t get it or don’t perceive its value are missing out. When I arrived in Berlin for the SAPPHIRE conference on Sunday night Jan twittered to see if I wanted to catch up while I was in town. I jumped at the opportunity and we then traded tweets, emails and eventually phone calls to track each other down and go and have a beer. I was at the evening networking event meeting SAP Executives and catching up with old friends but a chance to have a chat with Jan was something I thought I could not pass up.

We found a quiet bar right next to the Hauptbahnhof and chatted about life the universe and well… nearly everything.

Jan had initially come up on my radar from a podcast he did at the end of last year on the Zend Devzone. That podcast surprised me a little because it had little to do with PHP and everything to do with CouchDB. CouchDB is a new non-relation database that stores documents rather than being the typical relation database that we have all grown to love.

CouchDB is not the solution to everything. For a lot of cases a relational system is still the best solution but for some cases and I will freely admit to know a whole lot less about CouchDB that I would like, CouchDB provides better scalability than a relational database can provide as it is built on erlang, the language built with scalability in mind.

It was great to have to opportunity to meet up with Jan and great to meet a face behind a great open source project like CouchDB.

Stop Press: Jan has just mailed me to let me know that he will be in London for an Erlang Exchange evening on Wednesday 25 of June. Go along to hear from a pretty amazing guy.

Bridging the worlds of SAP and PHP

elePHPant Meets SAP mentorWorking both in the worlds of SAP and PHP is very rewarding when you are able to have some influence on one world with the other. Joe Haynes, a basis[1] consultant whom I follow on twitter was asking the other day for recommendations on php frameworks. I immediately jumped in and recommended Zend Framework as I have recently started working with it and am very happy with it. I also pointed him in the direction of Paddy and Matthew who both have excellent information on their blogs. Better I might say than the official quick start from Zend.

Looking forward to hearing as update when your project gets going Joe, especially if you get some SAP integration going.

[1] a basis consultant, if you don’t know the secret technical SAP terms, is the guy who installs and monitors your servers

Two events coming up in the SAP Calendar

Most importantly is the SAP London Community Day which is Saturday the 26 April 2008. If you haven’t signed up you may well be too late.

We have some great people coming and some great talks scheduled. We are going to do our best to make sure the lions share of it is recorded and put up for the SAP Community at large. If you are coming and taking photos or blogging or twittering then use the tag ‘SAPLondonCD08‘. I should plug EventTrack at this point because this is exactly what it is designed for.

The other event is SAPPHIRE Berlin 2008 in Berlin on 19 – 21 May 2008. Every time I see the word SAPPHIRE I really see saPHPire, because I would love to see closer PHP integration. Word on the street is that Zend and SAP are working on it but that is all unsubstantiated rumour. So take it with a grain of salt until is announced.

Last time I want to one of these events I got to ask a question to the CEO, Henning Kagerman. (Now Co-CEO with LĂ©o Apotheker.)

[YouTube = ]

This time I hope to be able to ask many more probing questions to all sorts of people. In particular, I too would like to know why SAP is cutting R&D spend.

I am also keen to talk with some of the CRM people and learn more about what others are doing with SAP CRM and get some more details about the new version 7.

Many thanks to Mike Prosceno and his team for the invitation. I am looking forward to meeting up with Sig, Dennis and James and also meeting a few people I haven’t yet met.

So who is the April fool then?

Ahh April fool’s gotta, love it or hate it as the case may be.

Did you get taken in by the new Fashion TV mashup starring Trinny and Susanna and Dennis Howlett?

or Virgil ?

Or Microsoft and Yahoo finally inking a deal?

I was going to write some more about SAP and PHP but thought better of it. That can wait for another day.

Update: This post from Chris Shiflet on PHP Easter Eggs was too good not to pass on. The comments are worth reading too.

37 Signals runs PHP.

As Al twittered last night:

thank God 1-4 is over no more stupid April fools for another year.

MVC Framework spat

Just when you thought that framework discussions were gentlemanly, we have guns at dawn. There is name calling and bad language and Terry Chay isn’t even involved.

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