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It not everyday…

… you get on the front page of SDN

So I did a hasty screen grab.

SDN Frontpage

SDN Frontpage

Thanks to @welshcathy for letting me know!

ESME – the Enterprise Social Media Experiment

The rise and rise of ESME is something I have watched with interest in just the past couple of weeks. At the SAP London Community Day, Darren Hague showed off Scala and Lift and push messaging. It looked pretty cool. A few weeks later he puts this page up on the SDN Wiki and then showed a couple of SAP Mentors the initial progress he had made with Scala.

Well in the last couple of weeks ESME has gone a little nuts. All sorts of guys have come to the party to produce the demo that is below and entered it into Demo Jam – the annual SAP contest to find innovation from within the ecosystem. I think they are the first in the history of the jam to publish their submission video before the competition.

At last weeks nanomonk there was several of the core team present. Giving demos and explaining the proposition.

My original concern was that what does this add that you can’t get from enterprise instant messaging?

The immediate response on twitter was:

With IM you have to know whom to ask and requires mutual adding to contactlists. #esme works like Twitter #

@njames #esme tag clouds, group concept, integration of different corp. back-ends, etc.  #

So it’s all about getting what you want without having to know where to get it from. It’s about breaking open information silos and sharing information with colleagues to create solutions quicker and get the job done.

I am very much looking forward to what these guys, who I am happy to count as friends, pull together. The thought that in about 5 years time I might be using a ESME like tool is exciting. I am saying 5 years as some of the large enterprisey type clients can be a little slow on the uptake. I would love it to be Q1 09!

For other information about ESME check out the following series of posts:

SAP (un)London (un)Conference is on

It is now (un)Official. The SAP London Community Day has a green light and is now officially on Saturday 26 April 2008 in Egham just on the edge of London.

The official details are all over on the wiki .

The best part is that it is Free* to attend.

What does Free* include?

Free* includes a venue provided by Axon (thanks guys) and tea and coffee.

You will need to get yourself to the venue and food will be at your own cost.

We are thinking of about 10 sessions in two tracks. If there are more than 10 sessions that get registered we will work that out on the day, so get your thinking caps on and come prepare to contribute not just attend.

The whole day is in a spirit of sharing all the good information we have learned on the various SAP projects, networking with others and having fun.

Oh it is not just for ABAP geeks, functional consulants AKA BPX’s and other TLA’s are very welcome too.

Get your Wii hands on

More information will be out as it comes to hand.

That wiki page again is here and sign up by adding your name to this list.

And the most important thing the official TAG = “SAPLondonCD08” add it to your blog posts, flickr photos etc.

Spread the word.

I am One in a Million

Congratulations to SDN and all the team for surpassing the one million members mark.

Change the world? You betcha!

Wow! When I heard the early rumours on twitter I was happy.

When I saw the blog from Dan McWeeney this morning I was happier.

When I saw the blog on SDN I was estastic.

The official SAP Press Release is here but I think the blogs are more interesting to read.

Blog for food.

This is the best outcome I could have imagined from my little blog I wrote on SDN earlier this year.

Who was I to think that little blog would trigger a program with an outcome as good as this?

I want to say thank you to everyone involved inside SAP that has made this program a reality. This is a much better way to reward the contributions on SDN than T-Shirts and pins. As fun as they are, having kids being able to eat is a much better outcome.

Thanks again and it is great to be a part of a community that has made this central to all they are about.

Making a list and checking it twice…

Well I am counting down the days until I am flying over to Munich and there is still a few things I need to do before I get there.

But once I am there I am going to be flat out meeting people and having some great converstations about all sorts of things enterprisey.

Here are just a few of the people I am planning to meet: (in no particular order)

But most of all I am looking forward to meeting the people who I have no connection with yet. I want to meet you and hear your story about what crazy, exciting, revolutionary things you are doing with SAP.

No Pressure then.

Hey, I am glad that James is looking forward to the WordPress meets SAP session at Community Day in Munich. I am too. It should be lots of fun. It is not like SAP needs a lesson in how to blog. When Tim O’Reilly confers ‘SAP gets it‘, that a bit like a blessing from the Pope in this web 2.0 world.

Tim O'Reilly at SDN Community Day

My thought is: why can’t SAP and WordPress play together? It really is conversation meets enterprise. All the tools are there. My goal is to see them coming together a little closer before the end of the 16 of October.

Some people are not big fans of WordPress as Andrew Betts said recently on the PHPLondon mailing list:

We did using WordPress, and speaking as someone who’s actually had to wade through pretty much the whole codebase, let me tell you it seriously sucks. A few highlights:

1. It tries to detect magic_quotes_gpc, un-quotes the superglobal arrays and then re-quotes them so it’s impossible to get access to the raw querystring or post data

2. I’ve had function chains up to eight calls long with each function in a different file.

3. I still have nightmares about a function called wpautop(). If you ever think about editing it… don’t.

4. I’ve lost count of the number of code blocks that have comments such as “This probably isn’t needed anymore”. Probably!?

And yes, my own blog runs WordPress. It’s just so damned easy to install -)

A reply from Darren Moore:

And I concur..

WordPress is fantastic for blogs because it is s simple to install and there are loads of community mods – ie if you can think of some functionality someone else has already done it. I use it for 4 blogs and 2 v. simple CMS’s. I reckon I can get most designs into WordPress as a CMS in a day if the designer provides x-platform xhtml/css  which will answer the client’s requirement to change the text themselves cost-effectively. In fact I reckon there could be quite a market for building WordPress CMS sites in a day if anyone wants to join me!

Here, here! The stats are pretty amazing and it is very easy to install.

See you in Munich.

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