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Happy New Year

It’s the 31st, so that means the year is already 1/12 old so excuse me for not doing this earlier, I have been in hiding from everything that looked like a laptop. Well, not for all of January. I am now back at work and very busy again.

I have also been focussing on completing a couple of tax returns. They are now complete. Not that I could possibly forget. There are several billboards on my way to work reminding me about JAN 31 in 1.5m high letters. And the kind folks at HMRC rang my office to remind me that I needed to get my return in. A new approach they said. How kind.

Anyway that explains my lack of activity on this blog. Well, at least it is a plausable excuse. You buying it? No? Oh well…

Last year was a great year of achievement and this year looks to build on that.

My current client has already extended my contract, always a good thing.

I am looking forward to a good year.

I trust you are too.

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SAPFacts winner

Have you been following the SAPfacts site? A winner has been declared.  I noticed that Eddy came second with “SAP Stands for Shai Agassi Products“. I submitted “SAP stands for the Shai Agassi Protocol” but was rejected because Eddy got there first. Oh well.

Well done everyone. It was a great bit of fun!

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