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My last post at this domain

This site is now no longer being updated. It will remain here as part of the wonderful history of the internet as there are a few links that will resolve here and will remain here. New non-technical blogging will now be at and all new posts will happen there.

Other technical blogging can be found on SCN or at my company SquareCloud

Google has now completed the assimilation of Feedburner and so you can get my feed for the new domain at . If my subscribers got every post reposted to this feed as I changed the domain over, please accept my apologies. I will be doing a little webhousework at both domains in the next day or so so if you have something to add or a suggestion or just want to say ‘hi’ then my contact details are here.

Thanks for reading,


(Oh and I know it not quite as short as but I think my new virtual home is pretty cool)