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Cuil – not so much

For the record, just in case you are using the new cuil search engine, I do not look like this:

Linked in Search Result

Linked in Search Result

The text is right but it is from my start of my career, nothing recent. I have no idea where it is getting that photo from.

Oh well everyone’s gotta start somewhere.

At least for the search ‘Nigel James’ it put me front and centre.

It seems they cant even find themselves!

Everybody and his dog has had a comment about cuil in the blogoechochamber.

While now you think I only search for myself – it was promted by a tweet from Elizabeth Naramore.

She doesn’t look like Sebastian Bergmann at all.

I am all for competition to Google but at this stage Cuil have a way to travel.

So who is the April fool then?

Ahh April fool’s gotta, love it or hate it as the case may be.

Did you get taken in by the new Fashion TV mashup starring Trinny and Susanna and Dennis Howlett?

or Virgil ?

Or Microsoft and Yahoo finally inking a deal?

I was going to write some more about SAP and PHP but thought better of it. That can wait for another day.

Update: This post from Chris Shiflet on PHP Easter Eggs was too good not to pass on. The comments are worth reading too.

37 Signals runs PHP.

As Al twittered last night:

thank God 1-4 is over no more stupid April fools for another year.

Starting a blog

A friend is wanting to start to blog. It’s dead easy…

  1. Sign up at
  2. Sign up at
  3. Sign up at
  4. Sign up at
  5. If you have an account on SCN, put your shiny new url every where you can. Your business card profile, in the wiki and even in your forum posts. SCN has awesome google juice.
  6. Sign up at – this will remove your feed from your url if you ever want to move domains
  7. Have something to say and join the conversation.

Hope this helps you Cathy!

What other tips would you give a new blogger?

Hungry? Have a feed!

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