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Cycling to work

Bicycle Belles,
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This week I have started to cycle to work again. My monthly train ticket had expired and at my clients office there is ample bike parking and showers. I had no excuse.

So last Monday I got my bike out, packed my bag, planned a route and went for it.

Seeing it was about 3 months since I had pulled my bike from storage and at that time I was only cycling a mere 3.5 miles to my client I wasn’t sure how I would find the new 8 mile trip.

I shouldn’t have worried. It is taking me about 35 minutes on the bike which is a good enough pace. I would like to get that under 30 minutes but the goal is to get to work not to beat Chris Hoy in 2012.

There is a great feel riding on the road in London. There are lots of people out there and while there is a little argy bargy most of the people I have seen have been pretty safe especially all the cyclists passing me. If there is anything that get my competitive edge going it is having someone pass me. I always want to jump on their wheel but most of the time they are much fitter than me and they leave me in their dust.

I am not sure how long I am going to be able to keep on cycling with the darkness and winter approaching but in the mean time when you are driving your car – watch for cyclists.

Thanks to Alastair Humphreys for his great shot of the woman cycling entered in a competition to make cycling more accessable to women.

SAP (un)London (un)Conference is on

It is now (un)Official. The SAP London Community Day has a green light and is now officially on Saturday 26 April 2008 in Egham just on the edge of London.

The official details are all over on the wiki .

The best part is that it is Free* to attend.

What does Free* include?

Free* includes a venue provided by Axon (thanks guys) and tea and coffee.

You will need to get yourself to the venue and food will be at your own cost.

We are thinking of about 10 sessions in two tracks. If there are more than 10 sessions that get registered we will work that out on the day, so get your thinking caps on and come prepare to contribute not just attend.

The whole day is in a spirit of sharing all the good information we have learned on the various SAP projects, networking with others and having fun.

Oh it is not just for ABAP geeks, functional consulants AKA BPX’s and other TLA’s are very welcome too.

Get your Wii hands on

More information will be out as it comes to hand.

That wiki page again is here and sign up by adding your name to this list.

And the most important thing the official TAG = “SAPLondonCD08” add it to your blog posts, flickr photos etc.

Spread the word.

Quick update from PHPLondon Conference

Yesterday I went to the PHP London conference and it was a great day.

There was lots of great talks, great meetings and in the hall and I had some great demos and chats from the iBuildings guys (Thanks Mikko) who went out of their way to show me the obscure point of Zend Platform (Birt integration) I was looking for.

There is lots to follow up on and lots to think about and it is worth a  more detailed post but for now thanks to all the guys who volunteered their time to make it a great day.

London SAPers looking to put together a local community day.

After the success of TechEd recently, my colleague Darren Hague, floated the idea of a local community day in London.

The initial thought is a date in April. Community day in Munich was a blast so there is no reason we couldn’t do that over here too. 

So all we need now is some warm bodies, eager minds, a bit of that old unconference spirit, a venue to hold it in and someone to sponsor a bit of food and beer. Any takers?

Photo Credit Nigel James

Photowalking London Update

So how did the first Photowalking London go?

Well. Thanks for asking. Apart from the fact I left my camera at home. Never mind. I did get out of the office and head over to the Millenium Bridge to the Tate Modern and scouted out the joint and there is a stack of great thing to point a camera at.

I also went into the Tate and there is enough subject matter in there to keep you clicking for a long long time.

I won’t mention the Monet that took my breath away or the mirror cubes which can set up a nice infite loop effect. Come and check it out for yourself. Friday 12.30 near the spider at the Tate Modern. Next week I won’t be in London but don’t be shy go and walk somewhere else in London and tag your photos ‘photowalkinglondon’.

The turbine hall will be open this week (it opened again today) and the new exhibit will be worth a peek.

PHPLondon Yahoo Pipe

This is something i had been wanting to do for a while and I managed to fatally wound two ornithological specimens with a single lump of conglomerate.

Of the regulars at PHPLondon there is several of them who blog so I have put together an initial yahoo pipe to aggregate the content. You can subscribe to this as an rss feed or just visit the URL.


If you are from PHPLondon and would like your feed added in the details are here as to how to contact me.

Photowalking London

Richard George the other day was pondering about geeks and photography and as I was walking around the city at lunch today I was wondering if there was anybody doing any photowalking around London.

 It would seem not.

 No London Photowalkers!

So why not. I am going to be at the Tate Modern from 12.30 tomorrow near the big spider for a bit of a photowalk. Join the fun or follow the tag. It’s going to be a pretty relaxed deal, meet take a photo or two and then head back to work for the afternoon.

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