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Goodness coming to Web Dynpro Abap near you.

Adobe Flash Rendering In Web Dynpro for Abap Thomas Jung has been working on some amazing stuff. I love the power of adobe flash interface to produce slick looking graphs. He twittered yesterday that he was making some new screen casts of what is coming soon to the Netweaver Stack. Although my current gig is not running that sort of rig and I twittered back that I wouldn’t likely get near it until 2011, I was interested to see what was going on. Tom kindly sent a preview of the cast and this screen shot is of a flash graphs generated from within Web Dynpro for ABAP.

I am a big fan of visualising these kinds. Flash is a great way to deliver this sort of data as they make data more usable. This kind of innovation is what keeps me excited about what SAP is doing in the market place even though I may not get to work on them for a while.

These screen casts are going to have voice overs attached and appear in the eLearning section of SDN soon.

Bonus Link: If you have not heard, James Governor is running an Adobe SAP Nanoconference on July the 11th Adobe’s new offices in Regent’s Park, London.


Minority Report? No, Majority Desk!

I remember when Minority Report first came out that the director said ‘Yep in the future it will be like that’. I am referring to the through the air motions that the Chief John Anderton makes as he investigates the crime.

A little earlier in the year Dan and Ed did this Wii Demo and everyone was all over it.

Well, they have gone and outdone themselves.

Majority Desk is a wii-mote adventure and it makes for loads of fun. Not quite Chief John Anderton but not too far off when you consider it is built with ‘off the shelf’ components.

You will get your best look at where Dan and Ed give an interview with Michael Coté.

[podtech content= &totalTime=277000&breadcrumb=db2b31666406435bbc6c9737a07d935a]

Here is the consolation prize from the camera of Marilyn Pratt as the guys do the warm up for Demo Jam. (Photo credit Marilyn Pratt)

Dan demonstrates Majority Desk

Well done guys. See you in Munich.

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