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It not everyday…

… you get on the front page of SDN

So I did a hasty screen grab.

SDN Frontpage

SDN Frontpage

Thanks to @welshcathy for letting me know!

Today is good people day

pass it on…


Let me talk quickly about one of the most awesome poeple in my virtual world.

Craig Cmehil is the community evangelist over at the SAP Developer Network. He is awesome because he is always out there on the cutting edge pushing the community trying new things. Thinking of new ways to make the SAP Developer Community rock. Introducing new services like twitter and kyte and ustream to take the community events to the next level.

Like eventtrack Рtracking people in the moment,  like helping out Chris Dalby (Microsoft MVP) with Chinposin Рambient avatars, like creating a twitter clone for inside the firewall. I could go on.

Craig you rock.

So it’s good people day – who are you going to talk up, praise, shout out?

If you just read this, consider yourself tagged.

I am One in a Million

Congratulations to SDN and all the team for surpassing the one million members mark.

Change the world? You betcha!

Wow! When I heard the early rumours on twitter I was happy.

When I saw the blog from Dan McWeeney this morning I was happier.

When I saw the blog on SDN I was estastic.

The official SAP Press Release is here but I think the blogs are more interesting to read.

Blog for food.

This is the best outcome I could have imagined from my little blog I wrote on SDN earlier this year.

Who was I to think that little blog would trigger a program with an outcome as good as this?

I want to say thank you to everyone involved inside SAP that has made this program a reality. This is a much better way to reward the contributions on SDN than T-Shirts and pins. As fun as they are, having kids being able to eat is a much better outcome.

Thanks again and it is great to be a part of a community that has made this central to all they are about.

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