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Starting a blog

A friend is wanting to start to blog. It’s dead easy…

  1. Sign up at
  2. Sign up at
  3. Sign up at
  4. Sign up at
  5. If you have an account on SCN, put your shiny new url every where you can. Your business card profile, in the wiki and even in your forum posts. SCN has awesome google juice.
  6. Sign up at – this will remove your feed from your url if you ever want to move domains
  7. Have something to say and join the conversation.

Hope this helps you Cathy!

What other tips would you give a new blogger?


Boost for WordPress

You may have seen the news allready.

I won’t claim to be a fast blogger, instantly reacting to the worlds events but I do like to put in my 2p when something interesting happens.

Automattic has raised a US$29.5 million in Series B funding to position the company to

execute on our vision of a better web not just in blogging

Three hearty cheers to them. Make mine a Marstons, or a Glass of Blue Monster Reserve, or a glass of Château de Chasselas .

Well done.

I have been thinking recently about moving this blog and self hosting it. Not only that but moving away from WordPress to s9y or one of the other php based blogging tools. Mostly, truth be known, for security reasons.

But given WordPress is the software I know and it is easy to use and I know they are working on making it better and with this level of investment I am happy to be sticking with WordPress.

As Andrew said on the PHPLondon mailing list, who has struggled with the internals of WordPress while buiding Alphaville for the FT:

And yes, my own blog runs WordPress. It’s just so damned easy to install 🙂 is one of the fresh faces of the future. (Not everyone gets DFOF‘ed)

WordPress tagging

I love the new WordPress tagging but there seems to be a slight bug in it.

The tags are comma separated and then ordered into alphabetical order but the commas don’t move when the tags are reordered, leaving a comma at the front


Surely I thought this would be as simple as explode, sort and implode.


SAP Community Day Munich

This year was my first community day. I was invited by James Governor to do a presentation and thus the entry fee was waived.

For me the best part of the community day was getting to know the main players in the community better. There was only 150 or so delegates so there was plenty of opportunity to chat to people without being overwhelmed by a crowd of thousands.

I was able to get to know, for example, Mark Finnern, Mark Yolton better. Not only through their town hall session but also in one on one conversations at the event and at the after party.

The speed networking was also a highlight. The first session was a random session and the second was organised around topics of interest. I had a good CRM chat that included David Terrar, Gregor Wolf and Tobias Trapp.

The breakout sessions were introduced and James was on the warpath to make sure that mine was the first of the Redmonk Track as I was originally scheduled last.

WordPress meets SAP

PhotoCredit Marilyn Pratt

I had prepared some thoughts on how wordpress and sap could get along. I also had a sneaky bonus slide or two to explain how this could be used at sdn to great improve the blogging platform there. A great discussion ensued and there were some take away thoughts. This spilled over to more converstions in the after party.

You can see the whole presentation on SDN or on Craig’s ustream channel. It is 2 parts 1 and 2.To be honest I don’t think I made the point clear enough about if you can be Australian and English and both a PHP and ABAP programmer that it could be ok to put WordPress and SAP together. Still we had some fun and people seemed to enjoy it.

I think my wife is right. After living in the UK for over 6 years I can still sound outragously Australian. Rock on Kath and Kim!

I was a little relieved after presenting and after rehydrating was able to enjoy the rest of the day much more than if I had spoken last.

I was able to learn about the whole flex development from a Redmonk track session with Matthias Zeller. This was augmented by a very quick demo of Flob by Thomas Jung later in the day. As an aside Thomas also contributes to the ‘ABAP Freak Show’ on the SDN Kyte channel.

Both of these was given much more airtime at the adobe hacker night.

The afternoon ended with the town hall session by the two Marks and then we headed out to the after party in central Munich.

Bruce Sterling, who had been with us all day spoke and as you can see from this video it was thought provoking.

The hall was acoustically challenged which did not make for the best environment for communicating visionary ideas.

Later in the evening I was able to chat with some the regulars on SDN, Thomas Jung, Thomas Ritter, Ed Herrmann, Gali, Maya, Thomas Otter and a host of others. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day and if you are thinking of attending TechEd next year I would add community day to your addenda.

PhpLondon Meetup October

PHPLondon last night went off.

We had a great talk from Toby Beresford about creating facebook apps with codeigniter. The slides are here if you are interested.

Later Matt Mullenweg turned up and I had the great pleasure of having a chat to him for over an hour about all sorts of things not least of which was the plans for WordPress, having thick skin, having blocked in China and Turkey, free speach, presentation tips, open source, lol cats … it was a great time.

One thing he does care about is the user experience. For all the stuff that people say about WordPress it is so easy to install and so easy to use. But Matt wants to make it easier. The Automattic team are working really hard on the UI so that it is so initutive to use for people who have no idea what blogging is about.

I also dropped into the conversation that I would be doing a ‘WordPress meets SAP’ talk in Munich. He was interested and whether that was just polite or genuine I couldn’t really say.

I will say this though, it was an absolute pleasure to chat with him and he is a very genuine bloke and that just makes me a bigger wordpress fan.

No Pressure then.

Hey, I am glad that James is looking forward to the WordPress meets SAP session at Community Day in Munich. I am too. It should be lots of fun. It is not like SAP needs a lesson in how to blog. When Tim O’Reilly confers ‘SAP gets it‘, that a bit like a blessing from the Pope in this web 2.0 world.

Tim O'Reilly at SDN Community Day

My thought is: why can’t SAP and WordPress play together? It really is conversation meets enterprise. All the tools are there. My goal is to see them coming together a little closer before the end of the 16 of October.

Some people are not big fans of WordPress as Andrew Betts said recently on the PHPLondon mailing list:

We did using WordPress, and speaking as someone who’s actually had to wade through pretty much the whole codebase, let me tell you it seriously sucks. A few highlights:

1. It tries to detect magic_quotes_gpc, un-quotes the superglobal arrays and then re-quotes them so it’s impossible to get access to the raw querystring or post data

2. I’ve had function chains up to eight calls long with each function in a different file.

3. I still have nightmares about a function called wpautop(). If you ever think about editing it… don’t.

4. I’ve lost count of the number of code blocks that have comments such as “This probably isn’t needed anymore”. Probably!?

And yes, my own blog runs WordPress. It’s just so damned easy to install -)

A reply from Darren Moore:

And I concur..

WordPress is fantastic for blogs because it is s simple to install and there are loads of community mods – ie if you can think of some functionality someone else has already done it. I use it for 4 blogs and 2 v. simple CMS’s. I reckon I can get most designs into WordPress as a CMS in a day if the designer provides x-platform xhtml/css  which will answer the client’s requirement to change the text themselves cost-effectively. In fact I reckon there could be quite a market for building WordPress CMS sites in a day if anyone wants to join me!

Here, here! The stats are pretty amazing and it is very easy to install.

See you in Munich.

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