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Custom BOL Development

Custom BOL Development

This thread gives some pointers to custom BOL (Business Object Layer) Development.

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Documenting the IC Web Client

My latest assignment is a (fairly sizable) piece of work to customise the SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Interaction Centre Web Client (ICWC or IC Web Client).

It seems that we are boldly going where no person has gone before and I am finding the documentation of the ICWC a little on the thin side.

So, from today I am going to start documenting all the little ICWC secrets I find. I trust this will be useful for someone. I am expecting it will serve as a helper for me but if you are one of the 3.14 people reading this blog and happen to be working with the ICWC AND you find this helpful, then lashings of ginger beer all around!

Update: This is the most popular post on this site (surpisingly). I think this may point to a lack of documentation that SAP has on CRM given that Google is pointing a lot of traffic here. A note to the commenters: Thomas has no documentation that you can’t get though official channels. Nor do I. Please do not ask for documentation to be emailed: SCN is your best place to start.


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SAP CRM Nightmare

SAP CRM Nightmare

When searching for some documentation on the SAP CRM ICWC. I found this little gem of a blog with a few posts by some frustrated consultants.

Glad that someone is sharing the fun of the Interaction Centre Web Client.

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IT Canon

Group: ITCanon | LibraryThing

I seem to be commenting a lot on what Thomas has to blog recently, but this one struck me as a good idea.

What books should be on the definitive reading list for a life in technology? I started a group in the website and this will enable you to add your ideas to what makes should be on that list. It is the 1001 IT books should should read before you die. I hope there is not a 1001 definitive IT books though.

So join the fun, add your books and tag them ‘ITCanon’, then we can see what the definitive IT books are.

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A few nights ago I went to bed with one thought: Passion! I woke up the next morning with the same thought! I love writing software. It helped that I had just had a major breakthrough at work and with ChurchWorks.

Driving to work the next morning just enjoying the fact that I went to bed tired, woke up tired and was loving what I do. Too many people don’t do what fires them up. Me? I’m sorted. I love writing software and I am sure I will be ‘solving problems’ until this body turns into dust.

That doesn’t mean that you don’t have problems. Solving problems make you stronger. Embracing change is what I do for breakfast. Everything in software changes as fast as a newspaper in Minority Report or Back to the Future.

A few years ago I was a manager of a video store with no exciting prospects of it getting any getter – especially when the store burned down thanks to the deli next door leaving oil on the stove. I bit the bullet – retrained. Proved to PwC that I was a good hire. Got trained and certified by them in ABAP. ( Thanks for that guys. ) Now I am a director in my own business ( gotta do something about that website) working as a technical consultant for some of the biggest businesses in the world, am working on another great project being delivered as SaaS and having a ball.

Hope you love life too. If not – change. It sure beats watching telly every night.

Jeff buys some stamps online – NOT

Venture Chronicles

When will businesses, of all stripes, figure out that the customer experience they provide with their online systems is increasingly forming the opinions that people have of their organization as a whole?

Good point! As business goes online, the online experience is the business and if the experience is bad it harms the brand. Great software is great business.

I must say Tesco have really done well in this regard. Their online experience is now very good. Varified by Visa, on the other hand, is something else.

James Governor – Craig gets a mention

James @ SAP Tech Ed. Amsterdam
Nice to see Craig getting a mention on James’s blog. He certainly is doing a great job over at SDN

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